21 January 2012

Blissful Agony

The following exchange took place at a Bhau Kalchuri Internet chat based in Chicago in 1999 (I edited it a little).

Someone online asked Bhauji: “How can we tell when it’s Baba’s treatment, or it’s mental or emotional illness?”

Bhau replied: “Because then, when it is Baba’s treatment, the suffering is because of love. The pain you experience, it gives you joy. You want the pain and you don’t want it at the same time. You don’t want to get rid of this pain; you want to love Him more and more. Just like when you get itchy, you scratch, and when you scratch you get pain, but you go on scratching because you love that pain. In the same way, when love is there for God, then you suffer, because the longing is there to be united with God. The fortunate ones get this blissful agony.

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