08 October 2007

A Story by Rita Karrasch

Rita wrote out this story that she told at the Barn at Meher Center this past weekend and kindly allowed me to publish it here:

I would like to share a personal story of how Baba responds to the language of the heart.

My husband, Larry Karrasch, always wished to live close to the Center, ever since he was a boy with Baba here in 1952, ’56, and ’58, and I shared that wish since my first time here in 1970. Well, four years ago that wish came true when we moved to North Myrtle Beach. Soon after, we became part of the volunteer team raking Baba’s compound on Friday afternoons with Bryan West. It soon became a highlight of our week.

But after about one and a half years we sensed that our raking days were numbered. Our toy train business income was shrinking while our health insurance premium was increasing, and even with my teacher’s pension it wasn’t enough to maintain this lifestyle.

It so happened one day that Mayan Ward called to ask if I wanted to work at a fabric store on Fridays and Saturdays, where she also worked. My first reaction was, how could I? I work in Baba’s compound on Fridays. So I thanked her and wished her good luck finding someone.

But when I told Larry, we both realized that this was too good to pass up. It was close to home, only two days, and I could still help Larry with the business and caring for our eight pets.

The one big problem was how would I have my intimate conversations and companionship with Baba in His compound? Would I be letting Baba down?

I knew raking in the mornings on Tuesdays and Sundays (the other days of the week when Baba’s House is open for visitors) would not work out.

So, with a heavy heart I called Mayan back. The job was still available. I had an interview with the owner that day and was hired on the spot. It all went so smoothly, it seemed to have Baba’s stamp on it.

On my last Friday in the compound, I poured my heart out to Baba. And as I swept His porch steps, with tears streaming down my face, I felt prompted to glance down on the first step in the corner. Lying there was a perfectly shaped heart, formed out of a single live oak leaf. It was completely smooth all around, without any cuts or tears. It was as if it was the most natural formation a leaf would take.

As I picked up the heart-leaf, I instantly felt a loving communication from Baba, letting me know that His heart will always be with me no matter where I am. And even now, while working full-time, I treasure my heart-leaf as a beautiful reminder that whenever I call out to Baba with all my heart, His companionship will be there, and we can have our intimate conversations wherever I am.

And recently, I read in Meher Baba Calling Baba’s words: “Do not lose heart, but keep me in your heart and remember—I am always with you.”

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Jay said...

I can relate to this, as volunteering at the Center was the highlight of my time in Myrtle Beach. And Baba in His Infinite Compassion, does find His ways of letting us know He is always with us, coaxing us along to find ways of serving Him everywhere. I was very happy recent to serve in one of those more obvious ways.....helping out at the New Life Sahavas at Meherana, here in California.

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