06 June 2007

Questions for Baba

I decided to come up with a question for Baba and write it down. I wrote two questions:

“When will we meet? Where will we meet?”

During the day I thought of the questions a few times and repeated them to myself.

The next morning I got up before dawn and fed the cats. Then I sat in the living room to meditate a little, silently repeating Baba’s name. Every once in a while my mind wandered. I thought about my dog, and how he wouldn't eat certain foods, and I wondered what I could feed him that he would eat consistently. Then I realized my mind had strayed and I started repeating Baba’s name again.

Next came a kind of dream. I was aware of sitting in the chair, watching the image unfold before my closed eyes. I saw a new dog snack in bright red cellophane packaging. Six individual packets were connected, to be torn off one by one, each containing a biscuit similar in appearance to shredded wheat. I turned the packets over to read the small-print instructions. They said:

“Anytime. Anywhere.”

I knew Baba had answered my questions.


Anonymous said...

Delightful! Pure simplicity in the yeaarning and in the reponse. Thankss for sharing.

David Raphael Israel said...

sweet -- thanks for this.

cheers (from SE Asia at the moment),

Christina said...


In November 2002, my three year old daughter, Mani, and I were in the kitchen. She stood on a chair and almost reached my height when she did this. She was, and still is, very tall. She took my my Meher Baba photo necklace and cradled it in her hand, looked into my eyes and said, "I had a dream last night where Baba was wearing a necklace with you, daddy, me, and grandma on it".

In May, 2003, I was talking to my mom about this horrible thing called GATS that is going to, I feel, eventually cause the rich to get even richer, the poor to die, and the middle class to vanish. Mansari said it would get so bad people would be eating cloth (or something like that). Anyway, that's a different story... My mom is fairly affected by the news and so she's quite frequently in a funk about world politics or, rather, corruption. But she said something quite interesting right after I mentioned GATS, she said, quietly, "Yes, but there's a different Reality." I said, "Baba." She replied, "Yes. I was thinking to myself while looking at Mani eating. I thought, 'I love you' and just then Mani looked up and said 'I love you Grandma' and I saw a flash of light." My mom has also experienced this with the Mandali. One time, my mom was walking along the path from the Barn at the Meher Center with Bhauji and she was holding his hand. She was thinking, "I love you" towards Bhau. Immediately Bhauji turns to her and said, "I love you too."

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