20 April 2009

Poems of Chaganti Subba Rao

A small book, Meher Githa by Chaganti Subba Rao (1915-1991), in Telegu and English, was brought back from India. It was said that the author was an orthodox Hindu who was initially uninterested in meeting Meher Baba on His first visit to Hyderabad, but on the second visit he did come into Baba’s embrace. Here is a brief excerpt from his “Githa” or song of Meher.

1. Myself Am Baba Himself

I am the bee and He the flower,

I am the flower and He the bower,

I am the servant and He the master,

I am the sheep and He the pastor.

I am the brook and He the ocean,

I am the stone and He the mountain,

I am the son and He the father,

I am the child and He the mother.

I am the cart and He the driver,

I am the instrument and He the doer.

There is between us not a gulf,

I myself am Baba Himself.

2. Tell Me, O! The Highest of the High

Your celestial embrace I care not,

Trample me beneath Your feet; care a jot.

I cannot for long stand in queue

For Your love; but I shall become You…

Time, space and distance cannot me bind,

though I to You am a new find;

I am chakora bird and You the moon,

I await Your ray of grace for a boon.

Let eyes shed hearing Your name,

Let hairs stand on end counting Your fame,

Let tears choke the throat seeing Your form,

Let body be lost realizing Your charm.

You steal my heart though not the thief,

You control my mind though not the chief,

I know not fully I love you why,

Tell me, O Highest of the High!

8. A Wayfarer

Penance I do not know,

To yoga I do not go,

My heart I do not show.

I am still a wayfarer.

Yourself I do not know,

Myself too ditto.

Why should I make a show?

I am only a wayfarer.

Love is hard to give,

But You want it anyhow,

Still I cannot give it now,

As I am a wayfarer.

Every milestone is the goal

So You always me cajole.

How many miles do I have to crawl

As a weary wayfarer?

You say, “You speak nonsense!”

But let me tell You once

To give me another chance,

Since I am a wayfarer.

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