18 February 2009

A Golden Dream

I woke up very early this morning. After feeding my cat, I went back to bed feeling drowsy. As soon as I put my head down. I began to have the most beautiful dream.

It was a vision of a mountain stream emerging from its source. I could not see the origin of the water that was bursting forth from somewhere within the top of the peak, because it was hidden by the rock of the mountainside. The water as it moved swiftly between its banks was the brilliant color of dawn, glowing from within with an unearthly light of gold blended with silver, like an exquisite liquid treasure. The stream flowed toward me with an energy that seemed glorious and triumphant …

Although I was blissfully awash in this intense silvery golden light, I gradually felt that I should get up. … After washing, I turned on my computer, and that is when I saw the message:

Avatar Meher Baba gathered His dearest Arnavaz Dadachanji into His eternal embrace on 18th February, 2009 at 2:34 p.m. at Meherazad. Arnavaz passed away from a heart attack; she was 90 years old. Cremation will be at Meherabad on 19th February at 11 am. …”

Arnavaz — a woman most beautiful in spirit and in form, whose name means “Gift of God” — one of Meher Baba’s dear women mandali. Was it she who brought the dream?

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Aoife said...

I woke very early this morning too, with a fit of coughing that wouldn't quit. I've had a cold for a couple of weeks and the cough is lingering and lingering. When I received the message this morning of Arnavaz's passing, I realized the time coincided with the events in India. sigh.

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