17 October 2007


“On a month's notice, just one month, [Baba’s New Life companions] turned their backs on everything and followed Baba. If they were able to do this, why should they care for anything else in the world? They were determined to go through this New Life with Baba.”

Eruch Jessawala in Tales from the New Life, p. 28

“A certain woman said to her husband: ‘So-and-so has developed a spirit of great dispassion for the world, but I don't see anything of the sort in you. He has sixteen wives. He is giving them up one by one.’ The husband, with a towel on his shoulder, was going to the lake for his bath. He said to his wife, ‘You are crazy! He won't be able to give up the world. Is it ever possible to renounce bit by bit? I can renounce. Look! Here I go.’ He didn't stop even to settle his household affairs. He left home just as he was, the towel on his shoulder, and went away. That is intense renunciation. No sooner did the man discriminate than he renounced.”

Story told by Sri Ramakrishna in The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, pp. 410-11

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