06 July 2007

Wise Words: Charmian Duce Knowles

Baba asked me to teach within the Sufi Order, to help Mother [Murshida Ivy Duce] in her work. But I don't do that outside. You know, most people don't understand what anyone is talking about when they say “a teacher." But as soon as someone starts expounding or elaborating on the exact words that Meher Baba said, on the topics that He addressed, they are teaching. As soon as they go beyond saying, "We went here, we did this, Baba said this," and so on and so forth, they are teaching. They are particularly teaching as soon as they begin to try and help others to sort out their lives. Those are all characteristic actions of teachers. So, I try to be mindful of that, and except where I have an obligation to teach as directed by Baba, I try not to do so.

—Charmian Duce Knowles

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