18 May 2008

Featured Artist: Katie Rose

Katie Rose is an old friend from when we both lived in Boston. See more of her lovely Baba paintings at Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/katierose7.

Her images are also available on T-shirts, cards, and mugs at www.zazzle.com/rosie7.

Of her work, Katie says:

“Creativity and spirituality have been my two main expressions/journeys this lifetime. My art career began several decades ago as a clay artist, specializing in raku. A few years ago I switched to painting with acrylics, enjoying the fluid expression and feeling paintings can convey. After taking my first class at the local community college I continued painting with inspiration as my teacher and Beloved Baba as my sole subject. For me, painting Meher Baba is a supreme blessing and a most absorbing meditation. I never know which painting I will embark on until an inner urge arises, and there is essentially no planning about the how-to. I simply start working to create the likeness of His Face and the colors, feeling and energy of His being and presence. The process of creating Baba paintings is rather amazing and mysterious to me and goes beyond my very limited conscious knowledge of the craft of painting. I was very touched that upon seeing my first few paintings Bhau commented, ‘I think she has been doing this painting since Buddha's time—that's why her paintings are so beautiful.’”

—Katie Rose

Paintings by Katie

Baba in Turban
Beloved Meher Baba

Baba in Peach

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