23 October 2007

Baba Gives Me Two Words

These days I wake up around four or five A.M., so I get up and meditate until it’s time to feed my eight feral cats at six.

The other day, for the first time, I felt and saw Baba beside me, inwardly. I have felt his presence before, but I never actually had a visual image until now.

Baba smiled at me and took my hand and told me, “Stand aside,” and let him take care of everything so I can live the life he wants me to have. Just let it unfold and I will receive all that he has come to give. He is always there guiding, but often I forget he is there; now he won’t let me forget, he will remind me often and keep me close to him, and he takes care of everything because he has made his plan and we have to follow it.

I realized that those two words, “Stand aside,” could be very useful to remember anytime I get in the way of realizing his constant companionship. What simple solutions he offers.

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Dan Sparks said...

Kendra - I am so touched that you would share this with me (us). I really have no words befitting your gesture of love in doing so. Baba has given to you and made a giver of you, so I have also received something of His gift. Thank you sister and charming companion on this wonderful journey of discovery in our Beloved...

As always, Dan Sparks

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