02 February 2011

Baba and Egypt

Meher Baba visited Egypt a number of times. This important country is a link not only to the Arab world and Israel but to the entire African continent. "On July 23 [1952], a coup d'├ętat had taken place in Egypt. Meher Baba had been continually stressing that he wished to land in Cairo to contact a mast [advanced soul], but now he was forced to change his plans. He turned to John Bass and remarked, 'The revolution in Egypt is John's fault.'"Lord Meher (Filis Frederick noted Baba's habit of jokingly blaming people that was a cryptic sign of his inner work.) Contact me if you would like to see more commentary.


Anonymous said...

Dear Kendra. I love your work! Yes I would love to see further commentary on 'Baba and Egypt'. Love from Meher Road, Avatars Abode

Kendra Crossen said...

I need you to write to me at my email address mehery[at]gmail.com so i can reply and send you something that I was asked not to publish.

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