20 January 2010

New Web Site: Meher Baba Manifesting

I’m pleased to announce the launching of a new web site, Meher Baba Manifesting. For some time I have been wanting to bring together material relevant to Baba’s Silence breaking and Manifestation so that people can study what has been said by Baba and others about this still mysterious aspect of Baba’s Universal Work. Fortunately David Carter gave me permission to use his considerable research consisting of quotes he compiled under several categories, as well as an essay he wrote summarizing his views of the Silence breaking.
Now that my friend Cheryl Johnson, a professional web designer (photo at left), has volunteered to manage the technical aspects and design, we’ve been able to get it started. We are still adding to the site, but there’s enough on there now to make it publicly available. Please note that we are also inviting submissions of your own views or visions and intuitions on these topics (see the Welcome page). Do you agree with me that the time is ripe for increasing interest in the Avatar's Manifestation?

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Talat Halman said...

In a symbolic sense, in 1953, Meher Baba broke a kind of silence he was keeping. He publicly proclaimed that he is the Avatar. There are a few references in "Discourses" about "my divinity" but in 1953 Baba broke his silence about the fact that since 1921, he had been unveiled as the Avatar.

Certainly in a time when a movie called "Avatar" is calling people's attention to the archetype of the Avatar, it is a perfect time to make the Avatar of the age well known.

Thank you for developing this website. It works as a new way to remember -- and share -- Avatar Meher Baba.


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