29 September 2009

Shira sings to Baba

Shira Shiror is a young Baba-lover from Tel Aviv; her name, Shira, means “song” in Hebrew. Recently Shira visited Meher Center and shared one of her songs with Jonathan Burroughs, who gave me the recording for my blog.

Shira tells how she came to compose this song when she was in India:

«It happened in Meherabad at the beginning of January 2008, a few days before I had to return to Israel. I was sitting alone inside the Samadhi. I was so happy that it was just me and Baba alone together. Suddenly I heard Baba’s voice inside me, telling me, “Go out from the Samadhi now!”

I didn’t understand and asked Baba, "Why now, when I have this rare opportunity to be alone with You in the Samadhi?"

Then Baba said, "I want you to write a song for Me and to sing this song one day before you leave Meherabad, during Arti time."

So I went out of the Samadhi and sat down not far from it … and after five minutes I had the words and music.»

The name of the song is “I Have Nothing Except You.” Listen to Shira sing the song here. Here is Shira’s translation of the Hebrew lyrics:

I see Your face all the time

shine inside of me like a big sun

now I am ready to hear what You want to tell me

suddenly I feel holiness

suddenly I feel weakness

and You are looking at me with a smile on Your face.

I have nothing except You …

שירה שיראור

Shanah Tovah, Happy Jewish New Year 5770

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