23 June 2009

Meher Baba in Iran

Peter Booth recently sent the following e-mail:
"In 1931 Meher Baba went to Mashhad, Iran, where the eighth Imam of Shia Islam, Imam Reza (765-818), is buried. Meher Baba has said that Imam Reza was a Perfect Master. His shrine is a place of great pilgrimage for Shia Muslims (about 99% of Iran is Shia). Every Iranian Muslim must go on pilgrimage to his shrine at least once in their life.

"As seen in the youtube video the shrine surrounding the Imam's crypt is massive. Non-Muslims are not allowed inside the compound around the Imam's crypt [Meher Baba was of Iranian Zoroastrian descent], and no one, save the caretakers and the high priests (ayatollahs) of Shia Islam, are allowed inside the crypt.

"When Baba came to Mashshad in 1931, he sent one of the mandali to the head caretaker of the shrine with the instruction to tell the caretaker, 'My elder brother wants to sit at night inside the crypt of Imam Reza; please give me the keys.' Of course the caretaker said nothing doing. Baba sent the same mandali member back the next day with the same request, and this time the caretaker gave him the keys, saying, 'Last night Imam Reza himself came into my dream and told me to give you the keys.'

"Baba sat for two nights in complete seclusion inside the crypt seen in this video. Twelve years later he issued this statement:

“'The seed of the tree of My Universal Manifestation is planted in Mashhad, Iran, from where it will spread until it covers the entire earth.'

"It may well be that Baba placed some of his Treasure inside the Imam's crypt and that for the past seventy-eight years, unknowingly, the people of Iran have been taking Baba's Darshan there and getting directly connected to him. And now maybe Baba has decided to begin the awakening in Iran leading to the Manifestation that he promised."

See also OmPoint #4, pp. 3-4.


Stelios said...

The daily news are full of agonizing moments for the Iranians and there may be more ways to look at it than one can imagine. Yet these thoughts and information you bring up are a great hope. Not just the hope of some resolution to some local problems, but of a whole far-reaching wave of change and progress. I hope with you for the manifestation of His Love, in His time and way.

jo said...

Even as I watch the news of the events going on in Iran, my intuit clicks in with this is Baba's turning the key there for that east meets west, one bead at a time reality.All religions in his love and service.

Anonymous said...

Meher Baba said, "The light of Zarathustra has been extinguished by his followers themselves. His was the highest form of Sufism. If Zarathustra were to be born again in this material world, he would find it difficult to recognise his own religious tenets, as practiced by the present day followers of his creed. The same is true of all religions. The Muslim mullas, Hindu pundits, Zoroastrian dastoors and Christian priests have mutilated the original religion for their own selfish ends." He has also said, "Religion is a cage, and the people who follow it are all birds locked up inside." I have been to Iran 5 times, and each time I have seen the ridiculous 'show' being put on in the name of God--it is all just for the mullas' personal gain. They (the priest-class) own very very expensive houses in the high-class areas of suburban Tehran and other cities. It is inhumanity at its highest in Iran--all in the name of Islam, of the preservation of Islam (through any and all means). The revolution which took place in 1979 amplified an already corrupt moral-social-religious scene in Iran. It may be strange to say this, but I really do think that the CAUSE of the 1979 Revolution in Iran was Meher Baba: through his Universal Work, he has brought out the darkness and extreme hypocrisy which has been plaguing Iranian society for a long, long time. He (Baba) has brought into clear-sight what was hidden for so long, and has done so through the medium of the Mulla-government (Islamic Republic). It is sad that Iranians have to go through so much, but this period of strife really is wearing away the "rust" of dogma. It is preparing Iran to be a "bead" on Baba's universal bead!

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