01 April 2009

Johnny Doe

To my post of 30 March I want to add a phrase (not from the Anglo-Indian dictionary I mentioned in the preceding post) that was a favorite of Kitty Davy's: Jannay do, Hindi for "Forget about it." She pronounced it something like "Johnny Doe." It's a good affirmation for dismissing worries and letting go of negative emotions.

“How slow all are to learn this lesson of control,” Kitty wrote. “Yet when we fail, Baba does not want us to brood. He does not like excessive remorse and tears, but says, 'Now go; forget about it and do not brood. Throw it all over. It no longer exists. Be happy, be cheerful. This is my order.'” (Thanks to Jill Davis for that quote from Treasures from the Meher Baba Journals.)


Dennis said...

like this...important

Talat Halman said...

Jai Baba, Kendra and all ~~~ How beautiful of Baba to affirm, confirm, and allow our natural being and to re-present our being to us in as way that gives us the full possibility to meditate on his beautiful and beautiful sounding name. Me-her -- I just love the soft sound of his name. Baba -- I love the beat and strength of its sound. Meher Baba -- what a euphonious mantra and zikr! Talat

Christina said...

Totally rocks! Copying it now for 2010 calendar!

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