25 December 2008


Here are a few of my notable bookmarks.

The Tampa Bay group has a
page with links to personal stories of Baba-lovers.

Niket Kale's TrustMeher site is a good source of links related to Meher Baba, including Baba centers, art and music sites, personal web sites of Baba-lovers, and others.

Chris Ott has some interesting sites, including Meher Baba Words and tributes to Norina Matchabelli and Gabriel Pascal. UPDATE: The unpredictable Chris took his blogs down but may put them up again or post new ones...

Listen to Mandali Hall talks!

Baba Radio. Site is now functioning again.

God and Gardens is Beth McKee's beautiful online magazine.

Life Eternal
is an excellent anthology of excerpts organized by subject, created by Markar (aka Mark Muray).

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