07 October 2008

"My Dog Is a Baba-Lover"

Meher Baba loved his pets, and they adored him. Through them the Avatar worked to give a spiritual push to the animal kingdom, and they also helped him to relax, laugh, and enjoy life. (See Baba Loved Us Too: Stories of Meher Baba and His Pets, by Mehera J. Irani.) Most Baba-lovers I’ve known with animal companions are convinced that their dog or cat (etc.) is very wise and aware of who Baba is and will certainly be a human in their next life, if not God-realized. (I believe Baba did say that one of his spiritual agents took a dog form.) That’s why I invited people to share a story and/or photo of their Baba-lover animal friends. Here is one from Jim and Tricia Migdoll from Bangalow, NSW, Australia, proud parents of Lali the Baba-Lover, their glorious Rhodesian Ridgeback:

5 reasons why Lali is the strongest Baba-lover dog in the Southern Hemisphere

1) She observed silence this past Silence Day. We noticed … not one bark all day.

2) Her name: Lali from the Sanskrit Lalita (beautiful girl); Sanskrit = the oldest and most spiritual language.

3) When she was a puppy I remember saying Baba’s Name out loud to her hundreds of times, giving her a head start in her relationship with Him!

4) Nighty night tuck in: Tricia has an established ritual tucking Lali in her bed for the night. She lays her head gently on Lali and repeats over and over: Jai Baba, Meher Baba, Meher Baba … as she pets and strokes her. All the time Lali has a contended groan - rumbling in her throat (similar to a cat’s purring).

5) When she heard us discussing this blog entry she nudged a photo of Baba with her nose, off a low-lying table in the living room … and struck this pose.

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