16 May 2007

Always Fresh

Story told by Meherwan Mistry on 25 February 2006 at Meher Center:

Once Meherwan Mistry was taking a walk with Eruch’s brother Meherwan Jessawala. Meherwan Mistry was saying that Baba groups often invited him to give a talk but that he always told the same stories over and over, never had anything new to say, so why do they want him to speak again and again? Meherwan Jessawala told this story in reply:

In the old days, the 1930s, when the Jessawala family was first staying with Meher Baba in his ashram, Baba’s mother, Shireenmai, used to visit from time to time, and Baba appointed Eruch’s mother, Gaimai, to take care of her needs and keep her company. Each time Shireen visited, in the evening after Baba retired for the night, the two women would sit and talk, and Gaimai took these opportunities to ask Shireen about Baba’s younger days. After a while, Shireen began to realize that Gaimai was asking her the same questions, and she was giving the same replies, and this annoyed her. She said to Gaimai, “Why do you keep asking me the same questions about Merog? Don’t you get tired of hearing the same stale answers?”

Just then, Baba walked into the room and asked them what they were talking about. When they told him, Baba, said, “Stories about Me can never be stale. They are always fresh.”

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