08 October 2008

A Baba-Cat

The Life of Pie — Baba's Little Ray of Sunshine

Lin Sonner
Denver, CO

I'm certain Baba sent this particular cat to me. I choose to believe this, anyhow.

She was everything I was not looking for. Female, not the right color, not young enough, sick, scared, and abused. But there she was at the shelter, head hanging down, looking extremely anti-social. The place was packed and no one gave her more than a glance, as she would not look up from the floor of the cage. But when I stood in front of her cage, she looked right into my eyes. "Awww. Poor kitty." I moved on.

I made a list of three or four cats that interested me, and came back around to the starting point. There she was, a tight little bundle of nerves and suffering, head down. I stood in front of her and she looked up at me. I tested it out. I circled around several more times, and each time, she looked up at me and only me. Okay, fine, kitty.

I scheduled time in the visitation room with her. The volunteer worker thrust her into my hands saying "I've never seen such a freaked-out cat!" I set her down and she scampered off behind a filing cabinet. I tried to get her but she kept slithering in a backward circle around the room, me following. After several rounds I gave up and sat down in the middle of the floor. That was the trick. The poor kitty was terrified of shoes! She made a mad dash straight into my lap and buried her little face in the crook of my arm.

Awwwwwww. It was a done deal, this was my cat. I made her a promise that she would be loved and cared for and have the best kitty life ever, her whole life, and recover from the horrible effects of the abuse she obviously endured. Well, as "fate" would have it, I brought her home just a few months before my whole world went haywire out of control. To make it short, when there was nothing and no one else, she gave me an unbelievable amount of love — and she was the one thing left to love back and care about. I had the Infallible Suicide Plan all worked out, but I simply could not abandon the cat, nor could I give her up. While I was crying in my bed asking Baba where He went and why, she was snuggling up and making me feel loved. She was the only thing that could bring about a genuine smile in me. It was because of her that enough time passed for me to get through my so-called crisis. I do believe Baba was working through this kitty to help me hang on.

I've been around a lot of animals and have had pets. Pie is different. Right from the start there was an unusually strong bond and I'm always amazed by it. She is an amazing communicator; it feels like we can read each other's minds. There is an intimacy between us that I don't know the words for.

I've tried to get her familiar with other people, but she is not interested. I am the only person who has petted her and can hold her. My roomie calls her "chest cat" because when I pick her up she's like a magnet — there's this force or energy that seems to suck her to my chest, ha ha! It's odd and not my imagination.

She is also trying to tell me something about my health. She is obsessed with sniffing my left arm in a certain spot and then meowing. It's been going on for a year at least. I can't imagine what's wrong in my arm but she definitely senses something.

I don't know if animal souls and people souls hook up over lifetimes, but I hope this one stays with me for ever and ever.

The life of Pie can be viewed here. Stop by and marvel at her majesty!

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